The Ceramic Designer...

Once upon a time many moons ago, the ceramic designer was an interior-designer-wannabe, a landscaping-enthusiast, a confused scholarship-holder, a clueless town-planner, a restless professional, a frustrated creative-soul, an angry idealistic-dreamer, an impatient creator, an emotional decision-maker, a passionate risk-taker and very simply, an accidental business-owner..

But these days after more than 2-decades of accidental business, she’s striving to become just the gorgeous wife of ArfudiRazak, the awesome mother to Zulaika, Melissa & Ikmal, the compassionate adopter of countless furkids, the occasional gardener, cook & hostess, her family’s health-advocate & nutritionist, and last but not least, the devoted daughter, sibling, friend, employer & Muslim.. 😉

TheCeramicDesigner is RosmahYaakub, the ever-evolving ceramic designer & manufacturer..

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