Starting 2018 with a fresh blog!

I’m upset. This website was hacked a few days before Christmas and we’ve lost plenty of content and hard work of the past 2-yrs, including the contents of this blog! It was difficult for me to revive my blogging rituals. Been trying hard since 2009 and eventually succeeding in posting my first few posts when this website was revived approx 2yrs ago, and surprisingly I managed to make myself very focused and disciplined in publishing a post at least once a month. And if 2yrs is 24 months, we’ve lost roughly, more or less, 24 content-blogposts! 🙁

Why do I blog? To increase my products Google-ranking, and along the way, sorting out the many knotted issues in my head. This accidental business owner is always reflecting and reviewing as she goes along with completing her tasks and strategizing for more. Writing down my thoughts has been second nature to me as long as I can remember. If it’s not a list, it’d be an essay! That’s been my way of coping with multiple issues and challenges all my life. And sometime in 2007 or earlier, I took the bold decision to PUBLISH my written thoughts in a blogspot for the whole wide world to read, and got hooked on blogging for the next few years to learn enough about the power of keywords and such, and how the right keywords for my products can increase my Google ranking and therefore make my products more visible and easier to search and be found! Having a strong internet presence and an online shop were my goals then, for spending hours reading and blogging.

Information overload and frustration with some technical issues of an online set-up made me stop blogging sometime in 2009. I then decided to activate my Facebook account and discovered a lot more of my friends were in Facebook than blogspot, and the interactions in my newer social medium was much more faster and exciting than the earlier medium, hence, making me forget about blogging for awhile. That ‘awhile’ became 6yrs or so, and fellow bloggers and I kept saying how we missed our blogging days, but not many managed to revive it, thus our blogs were always referred to as ‘bersawang’..

So when I eventually succeeded in reviving my blogging rituals approx 2yrs ago, it was such a huge personal achievement on my part. It was like starting all over again in baby steps. This blog actually became my baby approx 2yrs ago, another baby that I took great pride in, in between my hustles and bustles of working..

Yeah, I’m sad. But always trying to see the silver linings, if any! Of course there will be blessings in disguises, as always. But this lost was unexpected. Another hurdle to overcome, when we’re about ready to soar higher..

May the new year of 2018 gives us greater rezeki and abundance and greater resilience and patience, amiinn..