Keceramics Handmade Tiles

Handmade tiles are imperfect items. Dented, crooked and warped here and there. Every piece that comes out from the production line would display these characteristics, however much care and attention is given during the various production processes. As the raw ceramic-clay is soft and fragile during tile-formations, every little fingerprint of the artisan will forever be a part of the finished tile-product..

But that is the beauty of handmade products. They are imperfect finished items, yet these little dents and flaws are considered artistic, unique and pleasant to some discerning eyes. Each one is different from the other, yet they all look the same. 100pc, 1000pc or 10000pc of tiles of the same design will look similar to each other when assembled onto your walls, yet should you touch, feel and look closer, each one is actually different from the next one, yet all existing in harmony on the walls..

This is what we do best. We can produce bulk-quantity of tiles, but we try our utmost best not to promote the bulk-quality that normally comes with mass production. We only produce on your demand and specifications, and take pride in our workmanship and your eventual satisfaction of having simple pieces of art permanently arranged and displayed for your viewing pleasures..

KeceramicsHandmadeTiles is simply that. Handmade. Ceramic. Tiles.

Welcome to our humble abode..  

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