Doodling was how I started my accidental ceramic journey approx 25 years ago. During those tormented years of deciding between continuing as an Urban Planner or starting some creative venture totally unrelated to my tertiary qualifications, I turned back to when I was still a teenager, all the way back to my secondary schooling years. I turned back to my teenage doodles and sketches, and how I was doodling and sketching on all types of surfaces and materials in between classes. How I doodled on my palm, fingers, wrist and arm, coz those anatomic-surfaces were always the most handy! Have gun will travel, they say? I was like, have pen will doodle! 😉

If I were to turn back even further to my family’s backgrounds, my doodling could  have been an inherited gift. My Father was sketching and painting in his younger days before focusing on his career as a school-headmaster and his family of 7-children. A few of his 7-children could be inheriting this gift as well, but just like him, they’ve chosen to focus on non-doodling pursuits as their life vocations. Except me, the middle child, the most stubborn, idealistic and highly independent! ;D

It hasn’t been smooth-sailing. 25 years of ups and downs and multitudes of challenges. 25 years of frustrations and jubilations. 25 years of seeking solace with my soulmate, my Husband. 25 years of constantly reviewing our growths and directions. 25 years of deep satisfaction, alhamdulillah! 

Doodling away till my last breath, is my lifelong vocation, inshaallah..

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