Reflective February-2018

January was stressful but we ended it well regardless, with a few valuable lessons sticking close with us for the whole of February, hence, a reflective February! With a few customised orders having manageable datelines, we refocused our attention this month to retailing, eventing, displaying, packaging, exporting, sourcing and beautifying our landscape-environment at the factory, the showroom, the shop and the whole commercial complex! 

February is also my birthday month, and 25-years ago on my birthday, this creative business was started by accident! I agree that we should celebrate this silver anniversary, because I still wonder how this accidental business can last this long!  But my mind is currently bogged down with other more pressing issues. Above-mentioned issues included. And the ongoing revamption of this website after the recent hacking is lurking and stressing me too! 

So we shall wait and see what March-2018 shall present for us, before we decide on how to celebrate 25-years in ceramic designing and manufacturing, ok? 😉

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