Keceramics fully-digital in May-2018!



Online-selling has been our retail-goals since 2003! Plenty of steps have been undertaken over the past 15-years to make this our topmost reality. Plenty of failures, hiccups, stumbling-blocks and frustrations along the way, but we’ve always decided to keep on pursuing it, no matter what. Borderless online selling by touches of little buttons at your fingertips have been our way forward since 2003, hence, we’ve embraced it fully and totally, and persisted in continuously learning this ever-changing medium of our future.

Selling without borders was not as easy as it sounded during those years of failed attempts. Consulting some internet gurus and experts didn’t help us totally when what we do was/is not as common as the next seller. We design, we produce, we supply, we package, we promote, we service and we sell. I guess we wanted to do it all and to do everything right, all by ourselves. And any help and assistance that we sought out didn’t always fit into our needs and visions. Our needs are unique to our own products. And our products are not your common items. They have their own small market. A very niche market. And our visions got blurried in between our daily commitments and distractions to keep us focused and constantly perked up in perfecting our sales-platforms.

Thats our #KeceramicsDigitalStory. The summarised version of 15 yrs of online trials and errors. Online-presence and online-selling have been our 2 separate agendas. Just like marketing & branding, versus making an actual sale whilst you sleep. Just like dribbling the soccer-ball around the field, against the actual scoring of a goal. The digital-story of which started small, and wanting to remain small, whilst rooting to sell to the whole wide web world..


Starting this month of May2018, some of our #KeceramicsProducts are now available for online-retail/sale on these following online-platforms:

theceramicdesignerSHOP@eBay (soon)

theceramicdesignerSHOP@eSouk (soon)




Subhanallah Alhamdulillah Lailahaillallah Allahuakbar! Bismillahirrahmanirrahim…



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