The keceramic-arts of gift-giving..

Gift-giving is seasonal, yet constant. Some people tend to buy more to give away, than to keep. Corporations and business-owners give away freebies to existing and potential clients all the time as part of their marketing and servicing rituals. Event-planners aplenty and weddings and functions are happening every other weekend these days, hence, gifts are constantly sought after.

Keceramics ventured into gift-giving or gifting activities only for the past 4-yrs, approximately 1-yr after the opening of our showroom-office in Bukit Jelutung, Shah Alam. Prior to that, we didn’t pay much attention to it because we were focusing more on customade designs, production and bulk-supplies. Gifting activities became an added focus when we started retailing at our showroom-office sometime in mid-2014, and consequently opened a more compact-showroom that we’ve called theceramicdesigner’sSHOP, and replicated this brand-entity via a few more online shops to cater for different parts of the world from the comforts of our original retail-base, alhamdulillah..


As part of our ongoing retail-expansion through our eSHOPS in multiple online market-places, we hope to provide a complete gifting-service for anything keceramics; quality & secure individual boxes, choices of wrappers & ribbons, greeting cards and tags, and door-to-door deliveries to everywhere in the world, inshaAllah! Just choose any keceramics products, state your gifting requirements, accessories and recipient’s details, and we shall do our utmost best to get your gift/s delivered to your intended recipient/s safely and the fastest possible.  Thats our pledge to you!






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