Masjid Kling Melaka or better known as the Kampung Kling Mosque is one of Malaysia’s most treasured historic landmarks. Located in the Malaysian state of Melacca, this antique structure was first erected by the Indian Muslim Traders in 1748, and has been continuously restored several times throughout the past few centuries. The mosque still retains most of its original designs, showcasing architectural influences from different groups of cultures that arrived into Malacca. The combination of Sumatran and Hindu inspired motives, along with the use of Portuguese and English tiles, Chinese and Hindu woodcarvings, Corinthian columns and Moorish cast-iron lamp posts, have all contributed to the unique existence of the mosque that remain central to the Muslim community life in Kampung Kling Melaka today.

Kéceramics Heritage Series introduces our contribution to the restoration and conservation of Masjid Kling Melaka. Our locally produced handmade ceramic tiles designed and crafted with respect to the original centuries-old pieces have been used as part of the restoration and conservation project of 2013. We have successfully replicated the mosque’s 250-years-old antique tiles, which have significantly contributed to the Masjid Kling Melaka’s conservation development and also to the historical relevance of the mosque’s unique origins.